About US

Cynex IT Ghana is a Fully Ghanaian Company, providing all the local engineering services and after-sales-support for all customers around Ghana and West Africa.

Who We Are

We are a Telecom and ICT company specializing and dedicated to providing the finest Telecommunication Engineering and Turnkey solutions and services. Cynex ITS aims to bring innovative products combined with the latest technology into competitive solutions that directly answer our customers’ challenges.

Founded by highly experienced Telecom Engineers, Computer Network Engineers, and Marketers, Cynex ITS’s Strategy is focused on Technology, Solutions, and Customers. Time and again, we hear customers complain: “Our vendors have been selling us products, not solutions. We want solutions.” This  is where Cynex ITS comes into the picture.

Cynex ITS provides a broad range of ICT & Telecommunications expertise; State of the art equipment, integration services, planning, consultancy, engineering and project management for telecom projects, transmission networks, Electronic Security, and power solutions.

Cynex ITS Ghana is a Fully Ghanaian Company, providing all the local engineering services and after-sales-support for all customers around Ghana and West Africa.

Our mission

Secure the world! Cynex ITS is intent on achieving outstanding returns for investors with motivated employees committed to optimizing existing operations and aggressively pursuing and developing an additional world-class business profile, promoting mutually beneficial relationships and applying best practice technology.

Our vision And Focus

Universally Diversified To be a universally diversified corporate institution through the accountable, justifiable, and inventive improvement of quality assets protection systems.
Our focus
• Safety • Customer Responsiveness • Person Services • Quality and Value

Our Values

How we define our values

•We Are Driven

Our attention is focused on what matters most to take opportunities and tackle challenges. Our customers depend on us to be there for them in moments that matter.

• We Are Accountable

We acknowledge the work we do and the high business standards we maintain. Our customers can always rely on us, no matter their situation.

•We Are Innovative

Our innovations play vital roles in people's lives by making them secure. We provide solutions to real issues of Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond.

• We Are Passionate

We meet every challenge with a sense of urgency and critical thinking. We create solutions that satisfy our customers beyond the status quo

• Transparency:

Honesty, Transparency, and Accountability is the benchmark of our high cash flow stability.

• Integrity

Fairness and integrity in all business dealings, including the ethical handling of actual or apparent conflicts of interest between personal and professional relationships. Respect for human rights and dignity of others is our core, the acceptance of diverse culture, religion, race, gender, and sexual orientation is the pivot of our lasting relationship with the communities we operate in.

• Enterprise

The adherence to sound standards of corporate governance and applicable laws of our operating areas are always sought for and the ability to keep the momentum of the economy in equipoise has been the root of our strong enterprising attitude towards business since achieving is our attitude.